The City of HeathCode of Ordinances is available at the American Legal Publishing Corporation website accessed via the link below. Once at the site select the desired area from the tree menu on the left.

American Legal Publishing Corporation: City of Heath – Code of Ordinances

Code of Ordinances Amendments

The Code of Ordinances is updated through May 31, 2008. The following ordinances have been adopted by the City Council but have not yet been incorporated into the Code of Ordinances text. Each document is in PDF format and opens in a new window.

Ordinance 040715A
- Amending Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance for Falcon Point Planned Development (549kb)

Ordinance 110503
- Amending section 154.07(C), Removal of Quiet Hours Exemptions (55kb)

Ordinance 070816C
- Amending Chapter 159, Zoning, providing for Lake Edge Zoning District (Please contact City Secretary – Large File)

Ordinance 090120
- Deposit for Utility Service Requirement (39kb)

Ordinance 090203A
- Street Name Change – Peninsula Lane to Peninsula Court (29kb)

Ordinance 090421A
- Amending Chapter 159, Zoning providing for Wind Energy Systems (repealed)

Ordinance 090421B
- Amending Chapter 153, Code Adopted pertaining to Renewable Energy (44kb)

Ordinance 090721B
- Amending Chapter 159, Zoning, Lake Edge Zoning Regulations – Pilings Option (408kb)

Ordinance 110315A
- Masonry Construction Requirements and Regulations (155kb)

Additional Code Amendments

09/15/09 - Parks and Recreation Ordinance (265kb)
10/21/08 – Sex Offender Residency Amendment (53kb)
10/21/08 - Extending Various Codes to ETJ (70kb)
10/12/08 - Interference in Discharge of Duties (32kb)
10/07/08 - Authorization to Issue Citations (38kb)
09/16/08 - Security System / False Alarms (261kb)
09/02/08 - Flood Protection (711kb)
07/15/08 - Contractor Registration (27kb)

If you would like more information please contact City Hall or call (972) 771-6228.