CDC/Dallas County Release Ebola Contact Monitoring Graph

Over the past several weeks, the City’s Director of Public Safety Terry Garrett has worked closely with Dallas and Rockwall County health officials, partner agencies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor the Ebola virus situation. Here is the latest update from the CDC, Dallas County and City of Dallas. It appears that the number of people at risk is decreasing daily.

CDC Dallas Graph

The CDC, joined with Dallas County and the City of Dallas to release an updated Ebola contact monitoring graph. This graph was prepared by the CDC/Dallas County data team and provides the public with a better understanding of the number of community and healthcare worker contacts still under surveillance and the date when they are schedule to complete this surveillance. As of today, 66 contacts have completed surveillance and 108 are still being actively monitored.

“As the graph shows, the number of people at possible risk for contracting Ebola is decreasing each day,” said Dr. Lyle Peterson, Senior CDC official in Dallas. “Although we are not out of the woods yet, it is very encouraging we have not seen any other cases. This has been an incredible team effort and we are grateful to Mayor Rawlings and Judge Jenkins for their support,” added Peterson.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins added, “Working together we are winning the war on Ebola, and every day we are closer to successfully accomplishing our mission.”

“There are still more hurdles to overcome, but we’ve reached a significant milestone in this difficult journey,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. “I’m grateful that these 66 brave people have completed the monitoring period, and I look forward to the day when the others finish their monitoring periods as well.”