Rockwall County Open Space AllianceSurvey

Citizen Feedback Requested by Rockwall County Open Space Alliance

Rockwall County is in the process of preparing a county-wide open space master plan. In 2008, the county engaged the Trust for Public Land (TPL) to conduct an “Open Space Goals and Finance Assessment”. This study included extensive public outreach efforts, including a combination of telephone surveys, an online survey, and a public workshop to collect input from interested citizens. The primary takeaway was that the majority of elected officials, staff and citizens agreed that preserving open space and establishing trail connectivity throughout the county were important to address. The stakeholders also supported the recommendation that a countywide planning effort was needed to explore opportunities for how to address these concerns. Read more about the project background and review the 2008 study document here.

The current planning process will build on information from the 2008 TPL study, and will place an emphasis on improving connections between the various cities and addressing challenges or needs that are common to two or more communities within the county, or that require participation of multiple agencies and stakeholders.

This survey has been prepared to get more specific feedback from citizens throughout the county on open space needs in Rockwall County. Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important!

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