City of Heath Honors Staff: Leisa Price Named Employee of the Year

The City of Heath recently honored employees for their outstanding performance in 2016, including Leisa Price, who was named City Employee of the Year.

Photo above: The City of Heath recently honored employees for their outstanding performance in 2016, including City Employee of the Year, Leisa Price, who received the award from City Manager Ed Thatcher.

Departmental Employees of the Year were also recognized and include Kristi Smith, Administrative Services; Randy Patton, Public Works; Brittnee Payne, Community Development; and Scott Trammell, Public Safety.

The employees chosen for the 2016 awards displayed excellence in numerous areas including on-the-job performance, customer service, cooperation, integrity, dependability, judgment, initiative and workplace knowledge as well as noteworthy achievements within the year.

“The closest government to the people that exists in the world is City government,” said Ed Thatcher, city manager. “That’s why I appreciate not only these award-winning staff members, but all of our staff who are always willing to do whatever is necessary to serve our citizens.”

Leisa was hired by the City as Code Enforcement Officer in 2013, and was promoted to Building Inspector in 2016.

However, with a strong work ethic and positive attitude, she serves in so many other ways as the City responds to tremendous growth. She continues to assist with Code Enforcement, despite her heavy daily building inspection schedule. She also is secretary to the Board of Adjustment, where she has done an outstanding job of coordinating meetings and preparing minutes. Additionally, Leisa has filled in as secretary to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council when needed.

“Leisa has played a significant role in keeping us on track while continuing to provide excellent customer service to the citizens of Heath,” said Robert LaCroix, director of Community Development. “She is always here at work early and brings a positive attitude and smile to every situation, which makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

Photo above: In addition to naming Leisa Price 2016 Employee of the Year, the City recognized staff members who made a difference in their respective Departments this year.

From left: Brittnee Payne, Community Development EOY, Leisa Price, Overall City EOY, Kristi Smith, Administrative Services EOY, Scott Trammell, DPS EOY, and inset Randy Patton, Public Works EOY (Randy finally had time to take a day off, and was hunting when awards were presented!).