It has recently come to the City’s attention that some water customers may not be aware  that  it is a requirement of the City of Heath  code that every residence within the City have a water shut-off valve that is installed in between the home and the City’s water meter box. The valve is for the purpose of turning off the water supply to your home during emergencies, new installations and maintenance.

It is a homeowner’s responsibility to install and maintain a separate water cut-off valve, and it is highly recommended that you know where your home’s water shut-off valve is located for quick and easy access when needed.

The water shut-off valve is generally located between the City’s water meter box and the front of your home, sometimes directly beside the water meter box or adjacent to the home.

It is also important to check that the water meter box and water shut-off valve are separate because the City of Heath is gradually implementing a new automated water meter reading system that requires locked water meter lids.

The new automated water meter reading system increases the accuracy and efficiency for billing and customer service purposes. Data will be transmitted on a daily basis and can establish usage trends for each customer. If a customer’s consumption increases, the City is alerted and can immediately investigate the possibility of problems such as a water leak.

The water meter reading system transmits this information via an electronic signal that allows the water meter data to be collected without having to physically open the City’s water meter box.  A portion of the automated system is attached to the water meter lid with wiring connected to the water meter. Removal of the lid could damage the new equipment and jeopardize the security of the City’s water system.

As a result, locks are required on all water meter lids throughout the City of Heath. This requirement is common in most cities.

If it is determined that a shut-off valve is located within the City’s water meter box, the homeowner will need to contact a plumber to have a separate water shut-off valve installed. If you have any questions about your home, please contact the City of Heath Utilities Department at 972-771-6228.

The City of Heath is also available 24 hours a day to make emergency water cut-offs if you are unable to do so. Please call 972-771-6228, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 972-771-7717 after hours.