Mosquito Surveillance

Heath Mosquito Surveillance Program (2013)

The goal of the Heath Mosquito Surveillance Program is to detect mosquito-borne viruses in mosquito populations before sufficient amplification of the  virus can occur. If the virus is detected, management practices such as chemical control will be discussed by the City staff, the City’s mosquito consultant and Heath City Council.


On July 12th through July 18th, Vector Disease Control International again placed six Gravid Mosquito traps for the City of Heath in different locations spread out across the City. Gravid traps are portable battery operated traps that use putrid water to attract ovipositing mosquitoes. They are ideal for trapping mosquitoes that are potentially carrying disease. The six trap locations are listed below:

  1. Buffalo Creek Area
  2. Heath Crossing near Wilford Way
  3. Woodbridge near Cove Ridge Road
  4. Rockwall Heath High School
  5. Terry Lane/Yankee Creek Area
  6. Antigua Bay near Hubbard Drive

A total of 406 mosquitoes were trapped and there were no positive results found for West Nile virus. The traps with the largest number of mosquitoes were at Buffalo Creek, Terry Lane/Yankee Creek and Rockwall Heath High School. Two types of mosquitoes were found Culex quinquefasciatus and Aedes albopictus. The Culex mosquitoes are the carriers of West Nile Virus.


Remember the Four D’s:

  • DRAIN standing water.
  • DUSK/DAWN stay indoors when mosquitoes are most active.
  • DEET Use insect repellant with DEET.
  • DRESS in long sleeve shirts and wear pants.