Progressive Brush Collection

Unbundled Brush Collection Continues

Progressive Waste Solutions (formerly IESI) continues to work to respond to the high volume of brush that needs to be collected due to the October 2 wind storm, and your patience is greatly appreciated.  An additional truck will be employed on the schedule listed below. However, it is anticipated that it may be six to eight weeks before all storm brush currently at the curb throughout the community is collected. Customers may choose to hire a private firm to pick up their brush if this schedule does not fit their needs.

Pick Up Schedule & Details:

  • Brush collection will occur the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • A grapple truck will proceed on its route throughout the entire community to complete post-storm brush collection of brush.
  • The grapple truck will not return to homes or businesses that have already received this post-storm brush collection.
  • Customers will not be charged for the initial post-storm collection by the grapple truck, regardless of the amount of brush placed at the curb.
  • Two additional trucks will circulate throughout the community to assist with regular brush collection and post-storm brush piles that are 3-cubic yards or less in size.
  • Once a customer has received a free post-storm collection, the standard brush collection policy will resume. That policy provides free collection for up to 3 cubic yards of brush.  Anything over 3 cubic yards will be charged $10 per cubic yard.

If you have questions, please contact the City at 972-771-6228.