Mosquito Protection

Protection Against Mosquitos

With spring right around the corner that means MOSQUITO season is also right around the corner. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because we had a significant number of freezes this winter that the mosquito were killed off. That is not the case. The freezes that we had will have no effect on the mosquito population for this season.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones is one of the best ways to help prevent the contraction of mosquito transmitted diseases.

Remember the 4 D’s:
Drain – standing water around you home and property.
Deet – use insect repellent that contains deet.
Dress – wear long sleeves and pants to protect yourself.
Dusk to Dawn – avoid being outdoors during the early morning hours and the evening hours when mosquitos are most active.

You should also keep screens, windows and doors in good repair, fix leaky outdoor faucets an sprinklers, avoid overwatering your landscaping, keep the water in birdbaths, fountains, swimming pools, spas, boats, kids toys, pet watering dishes, flowerpots and saucers or other vessels that hold water to become stagnant. Keep property free of tires, trash, plastic bottles and anything else that can hold water that can become stagnant. If you have ponds or bodies of water on your property, you can add natural predators to those waters to eat the larva; such as minnows or mosquito fish.