Finding What You Need

We realize searching through a multi-page website for information can be frustrating. So review this page to find ways to make finding what you need a little easier.

Navigating The Site

The top level navigation bar can be clicked to link to the corresponding page. The navigation bar also provides a drop down menu that links to all the sub-pages within that particular category. If you are on a top level category page, the sub-page menu appears in the right column allowing quick access to sub-pages without having to use the drop down menus.

The Search Box

The search box is located on almost every page of this website within the right-hand column. Depending upon where you are within the site and the size of your computer monitor, you may have to scroll down the page a little. Searches can be performed on any single keyword or multiple words. If you do not find what you are looking for with multiple words, simplify your search to make it more general. Also, check your spelling.

If you are looking for a particular document our search engine can only index the documents name, not the content. You may be better served by using the method below to find specific documents.

Document Search

Documents, forms and applications are available from the applicable department page. For example, if you are looking to connect water and sewer lines, any applicable documents would appear within the Utilities department page. Exceptions to this protocol are for Construction and Zoning documents. Due to the number of documents available, they have been organized into a Construction and Zoning Document section (each associated department page links to this section).

Public Notices, Agendas and Minutes

City Council and Other Boards and Commission documents can be found under the Government section of the website. You can click on the Government tab in the main menu or select the specific page from the drop down menu. Once at the desired page, select the document you wish to download. Note: These documents DO NOT open a new window. Once the document is downloaded you will need to click the BACK button in your browser window to return to the original page.

Online Payment Services

At the bottom of every page, within the center column you will see quick links to Online Payment Services. Select the service you wish to use and the link will open in a new window. These are external services that are not part of this website. These services can also be accessed via the Services section.

City of Heath Status Updates

At the bottom of every page in the left column you will see a status summary. This is a quick way to find out what regulations are currently in effect.

Reporting Public Works related issues

We are currently updating the reporting service My Fix It. Watch in the coming weeks for announcements of our new system. In the mean time, please use our Contact form to report Public Works issues.