The Fulton School

The Fulton School Welcomes New Head of School

Continuing a Tradition of Service, Excellence and Honor As we Grow and Improve

Dr. Letha Hopkins flunked retirement. After thirty-five years in the public school arena, she should have been ready to kick back, plant a garden, volunteer at church, and play with grandchildren.  Not so. She got busy working as a consultant and stepped in as interim school superintendent. Then she heard about an opening for Head of School at The Fulton School which really sparked her interest. “The Fulton philosophy is ‘Do what’s best for the child’. That intrigued me,” she said. “Away from the pressures of mandated testing, I realized we could do what’s best for EACH child.”

Then she heard the term ‘concierge education’ which brought it all together for her. “If a child needs extra help in math, they get it at The Fulton School,” she said. “But if that same child is in 5th grade, reading on a 10th grade level, we have the freedom to challenge and encourage him. The Fulton School begins with excellence in academics. But there’s also a full offering of art and athletics. Students have the opportunity to play multiple sports, explore music, computer art or any number of extracurricular activities. We also emphasize service to others, with each Fulton student completing 48 hours of community service before they graduate.”

All of this is in line with The Fulton School mission of educating the whole child—mentally, morally, socially and physically. The Fulton School was established to provide:

  • Teachers who INSPIRE self-discovery
  • A teaching approach that MOTIVATES students to pursue excellence
  • Values that INSTILL civic leadership in every student

In classrooms with an average fourteen-to-one student/teacher ratio, Fulton School curriculum is focused on creating critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Children are taught not just to memorize and regurgitate facts to pass a test, but to apply those facts in practical, relevant ways. Fulton teachers seek to stimulate a joy and excitement for learning; to equip students to excel in college and far beyond into life.

They have a leader at their helm who is excited about expanding that vision, who is spending her summer overseeing expansions in technology, sports, AP English and more. Come meet Dr. Letha Hopkins and learn more about The Fulton School at Preview Day on July 26th from 10:00 until noon for PreK 3 through 12th grade.

Learn more about The Fulton School at, or call 972-772-4445.