Public Notice

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING – Exception and Variances – 810 Laurence Drive

Notice of Public Hearing:  Notice is hereby given that the Heath Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing beginning at 7:00 PM on Monday, February 10, 2014 at City Hall, 200 Laurence Dr. Citizens are invited to attend and participate in the public hearing. Specific notice will be given to property owners within 200’ of the subject property. The Board will hear and take action on the Application of Doug Knostman for two variances and a special exception on Tract 29, E. Teal Survey Abstract No. 207, 4.52 acres part of a 6.52 acre tract (RCAD parcel 12675; 810 Laurence Dr.) as follow:

1)  a special exception to §159.07(B)(1) that specifies that “Buildings requiring a building permit in Residential Zoning Districts shall be required to have exterior walls constructed using a masonry material covering at least 80% of each wall, exclusive of all windows, doors, or roofs”  to construct an addition to the existing residence with exterior walls constructed of non-masonry materials in order for the addition to be constructed of like materials as the residence;

2) A variance to §159.03 (E)(4) to construct an accessory building or structure in the front yard;

3) A variance to §159.21 (E)(8) to maintain and extend an existing gravel driveway.