All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise stated. File sizes noted are approximate and should be used as a guide to estimate download times. The same document may appear in one or more sections. Should you require additional information please contact the department responsible for your particular document.

Building Inspection Documents

Contact Building Inspections for additional information.

Clean and Show Permit
Clean and Show Commercial Application (21k)

Commercial Certificate of Occupancy
Application for Commercial Certificate of Occupancy (1mb)

Irrigation Permit Backflow Report
Irrigation Permit and Backflow prevention and assembly test report (56k)

OSSF Modification Permit Application
Permit application for modification of existing systems (38.3k)

Residential Repairs Permit
Permit application for single contractor repairs, i.e., roofing, plumbing, electrical, concrete, HVAC and other mechanical repairs (32k)

SFD Remodel/Additions – Accessory Permit Application
Permit application for remodeling/additions to house and to be used for new accessory buildings (45k)

Sign Variance Permit Application
Application for sign variance requests (675k)

Planning and Development Documentation

Contact Planning and Development for more information.

2009 International Fire Code Amendments (521k)

Above Ground Storage Tank Permit (57k)

Application Board of Adjustment (22kb)

Application for Conditional Use Permit (39kb)

Application to Vacate Plat (195k)

Engineering Design Standards – temporarily unavailable – contact 972-961-4892 for a copy

Amendment EDS – Street Signs (4mb)

FDC Sign Specifications (28k)

Planned Development Checklist (38kb)

Plat Application (94k)

Zoning Change Application (76k)

Application FENCE Variance (37kb)

Development Application Schedule 2017 (87kb)

Takeline Regulations

Contact Planning and Development for more information.

Application for Appeal (10k)

City of Heath Lake Edge Zoning District Ordinance 2007 (850k)

Dredging Permit (72k)

Erosion Permit (90k)

Heath Lake Structure Checklist (83k)

Heath Lake Structure Permit (82k)

Interlocal Agreement and Lease with City of Dallas 2004 (966k)

New Construction Permit Application (89k)

Resolution Creating Take Area Appeals Panel (6k)

Residential Take Area Sublease Agreement (161k)

Site Plan Application (48k)

Sublease Affirmations Page (20k)

Sublease Boundary Agreement (77k)

Sublease Program (77k)

Sublease Survey Requirements & Checklist (23k)

Zoning Documents

Contact Planning and Development for more information.

Section XV – Land Use Regulations
Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances (4MB)

Fence Ordinance
Details Fence Regulations (330k)

Towne Center Zoning Overlay
2003 study and recommendation of zoning practices for the proposed City of Heath Towne Center. (5mb)